Definitions of divisions

Pole Theatre Divisions

Pole Theatre can be divided into three divisions: Semi-Pro and Professional. Not all countries have all three divisions. Check with your national organiser to see which divisions are open for entry.


The amateur division is for pole dancers who have never competed in a pole dance competition before, or who have entered but have never won an amateur competition. Pole dance instructors can enter amateur provided they have never won an amateur competition.

Semi Pro

A Semi-Professional applicant is anyone who has not placed in the top 3 in a national or international competition, or won a category in Pole Theatre Amateur.


A Professional applicant is anyone who has placed in the top 3 in a national or international competition, or who has won a category in Pole Theatre Semi Pro, or is a touring pole athlete.

Which division should I enter?

Applicants must decide which division they are submitting to, but can be moved up or down on the online judges’ discretion if placement is found to be in conflict with applicant’s level/experience. If the judges are made aware that you have applied in the incorrect division before the finalists are decided, the judges will move you to the correct division.

Anyone who has been found to have entered the wrong division after the finalists have been announced will be not be allowed to compete. If you are unsure as to which division to enter, please contact your national Pole Theatre organiser.


If you are made a reserve, you will be given at least 30 days notice if a finalist drops out. If you are a reserve but do not end up competing in the finals, then you can enter that same category again the following year, provided you still satisfy the division rules.